Passion for creation.

Gerila team consist of chief monkey Ana Rogina and several partner companies, connected by their expertise, what we have in common is that we are always attracted to new challenges, especially when it comes to new businesses or products. Our passion is to create something out of nothing.

Internet and technology development changed customer’s habits. The purchase decision no longer happens in the store, but in front of the computer.  Therefore, for any company that want to survive in the market, correct communication and advertising on Internet and Social Media is a must.

Our mission is to help companies to create a different brand through complete Inbound Marketing, which is the new marketing mix of digital age. With friendly approach, first we wanna meet you better. We belive in our client’s companies as they are our own, considering it’s the best way to develop the right strategy for you. And then action.

Our vision is to become a place where companies would get a unique tip or service, which will help them to conquer fast new way of doing business. We are not afraid of experiments and trying an exciting new way that would best promote your company. However, our approch would always be in accordance with the identity and needs of the client.

About Ana Rogina

Ana Rogina graduated a The School of Economy in Osijek with a major of Marketing Management. Because the education system always lags behind trends in business, especially when it comes to the Internet and technology, she turned to additional training and self-learning. Academy knowledge was only the basis for further education.

She attended a course for the Community Manager, where she learned importance of social networks as well as making websites. This prompted her to expand her knowledge and began to learn Google AdWords at one of the 200 Google certified trainer in the world. Now she is Google AdWords Certified Individual. She worked 11 months in a company specialized for community management, where she participated in company development as well as worked with clients. However, that wasn’t enough challenge to her, so she quit a job and ventured into entrepreneurship. Since she’s a perfectionist with strong sense of organization and teamwork, she decided to expand her knowledge with Project Cycle Management education, as well as StartUp Academy. She has been participating in many seminars and conferences as a speaker or an attende.

Ana is the member of organizing committe Software Startup Academy – Microsoft education for those who want to learn new software development and business skills necessary for market approach. This trainning program Microsoft Croatia is  provided in collaboration with Osijek Software City Association. Her enthusiasm for education comes to light as part of a new project ‘IT for high school’. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the opportunities and threats that await them in their future professional life. Ana is also an organizer and lecturer, as well as the mentor in startup accelerator program OSC StAP.

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